Magento Partner ThaiLand – What is a Magento Solution Partner?

Magento Partner ThaiLand – What is a Magento Solution Partner?

“Technology Revolution 4.0” is taking place in many developed countries, including Thailand . Magento has long been an eCommerce platform that helps create an effective and trusted e-commerce web system in the world. With a large community of partners, especially Magento Thailand Partner, promises to bring businesses solutions and opportunities to change the face of business.

Magento deploys 3 partner programs including Magento Extension partner (Extension Development Partner), Magento Technology partner (Technology Partner) and Magento Solution partner (Solution Partner). In this article, SmartOSC will work with readers to learn about Magento’s solution partners.

What is a Magento Solution Partner (Magento Solution Partner Thailand )?

Today, more than 250,000 brands use the Magento platform to drive their commerce, and this creates a huge opportunity for Magento’s solution partners. The Magento Solutions Partner Program gives partners the full power of the Magento ecosystem, driving greater success on the e-commerce path.

Magento has a large Magento Partner community

Magento solution partners are companies with extensive experience in implementing and tuning Magento websites. If users are interested in modifying the Magento website, they can look in the Solution Partner Directory.

Magento is committed to supporting a community of partners that uphold the highest standards for our common customers. And as a member of the Magento Solutions Partner Program, your team will have access to product training, sales & marketing support, and resources to help you run your business. .

Magento has a lot of different solution partners, some not only have full website support but also 24/7 support  

Process to become a solution partner of Magento (Magento Solution Partner Thailand )

Step 1: Sign up

  • Submit a Magento Partnership Application
  • Why do you want to cooperate with Magento?
  • Magento will check if you meet the sales, market, solution and Magento technical eligibility criteria?
Register to become Magento Solution Partner Thailand

Step 2. Prove your qualifications

Criteria for evaluating the business:

  • Market coverage: Cover the market or focus on the main GTM (go-to-market) region
  • Sales: New Magento Enterprise Business Acceleration
  • Centralized solution: Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Ability: commitment to training, certification
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Step 3: Implement

  • Implement Magento SPA
  • Access the partner portal
  • Magento Partner Directory List
  • Notice of cooperation (internal / external)
  • Training and certification plan
  • Sales and marketing plan

Step 4: Support partners

  • Train your key technical and sales resources
  • On-Demand Content through the Magento Partner Portal
  • Magento US Training
  • Monthly webinar partner, PKO, new sales hire training
  • Subscribe to Magento Communications (newsletter, blog, social media)
  • Training and certification plan

Step 5: Sales management

  • Commit to selling with Magento Enterprise and selling by point of sale
  • Rules of participation
  • Lead registration and partner commission process
  • Manage customer set
  • Process of building contracts with customers, terms of pricing and quantification

Step 6: Evaluate quarterly business results

Re-evaluate solution partners’ business milestones against the business plan

  • Quarterly performance metrics (leads, opportunities, wins/losses)
  • Real Magento Growth Rate: Training, Certification
  • Successfully implemented projects
  • Marketing: Demand Generation, Case Studies and Facts

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Magento Partner – Commitment and benefits

With more than 300 consulting firms, large corporations and newly established stores from all over the world with Magento, Magento has always been the first choice of e-commerce platform. Partners choose Magento to develop their commercial practice and access key resources, training, and support. To accommodate the many partners, goals and business resources of the community, the Magento program offers three levels of collaboration:

  • Registered partners are companies that are focused on implementing Magento Community Edition or are just starting to work with Magento. They may be interested in developing Magento Enterprise skills to become a Professional or Enterprise Partner.
  • Professional partners are companies that have commercial practice areas and regularly deploy Magento Enterprise software. They best serve emerging brands to mid-sized merchants.
  • Corporate partners are full-service consulting firms (strategy, design, development, implementation, and managed services). These companies have strong commercial capabilities, proven and proven investments in the Magento platform. They are equipped to handle the complex deployments of enterprise merchants.
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Annual partner fee$5000$5000$10000
Developers get certified or certified Plus24
Access to production and business development licenses(not for resale)YesYesYes
Logo rights, partner badge, listing as a Solution Partner on; Collateral and copper signsYesYes
Earn commission on Magento Enterprise license sales (quota and commission vary by level)YesYes
Access to Magento sales leads, Magento partner marketing and Magento account managementYesYes
Visit Magento Technical SupportYesYesYes
Participating in marketing partnerships with MagentoWhen invitedYes
Ability to partner case studies, videos, webinars, and other materials to be displayed in the online Magento Resource LibraryYesYes
Support for industry brands, sponsorship opportunities at Magento-hosted events, including Imagine conferences and Magento ForumsYesYes
Promote your partnership: Magento blog announcements, Magento citations for approved partner press releases, your company featured in Industry Partners newsletterYes

Magento is proud to be the only solution partner of Magento in Thailand. In the process of formation and development, we have built the image of becoming a reliable partner, bringing many great achievements to domestic and foreign enterprises.

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