Compare Magento Vs CS Cart: Which E-Commerce Platform Should I Choose In ThaiLand?

Compare Magento Vs CS Cart: Which E-Commerce Platform Should I Choose In ThaiLand?

At a time when the 4.0 technology revolution is booming like today, it is essential to develop e-commerce channels to serve the needs of consumers. Because of that, a series of e-commerce platforms have been born to serve this need. One of them is Magento vs CS Cart, which are two extremely popular open source platforms in helping develop e-commerce websites. So between Magento vs CS Cart, which is the better solution?

Over the past time, the whole world has suffered from the terrible consequences of the covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak of this pandemic has caused the economy to be severely affected, the shopping of goods has been delayed due to the restriction of going out, especially in Asian countries where it is directly affected. from this pandemic. In Vietnam, after the social isolation decree was issued, it made buying and selling even more difficult.

However, it is also at this time that e-commerce activities are developing strongly. They are considered as an optimal solution to help businesses continue to operate and at the same time help customers have access to products without having to go directly to the stores. This also has a significant impact on the habits of users when gradually switching to online shopping activities, leading to businesses tending to invest in e-commerce solutions more and more.

In the world today, there are many providers of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify Plus Agency, Woocommerce, Magento vs CS Cart, etc. Among them, Magento vs CS Cart are two extremely popular platforms. in developing and operating e-commerce channels. In fact, there has been a lot of debate to find out between Magento vs CS Cart which is the superior platform.

Because of that, in this article, SmartOSC will help you compare the outstanding features of Magento vs CS Cart.

Magento vs CS Cart: An Introduction to CS Cart


If you are looking for a flexible, customizable, SEO integrated shopping cart software solution with lots of features at a reasonable price, CS Cart is the perfect solution. This open source platform has been developed over 20 years since the first version was released in 2005, so far there are more than 30,000 online stores using CS Cart software. With CS Cart, businesses can completely set up and manage an e-commerce site with a full scale from small to a multi-store virtual shopping mall. Besides, CS Cart also supports more than 70 online payment gateways including Paypal, Webmoney, EWay, etc. and also allows ordering by phone and a few other traditional methods.

CS Cart is a powerful open source platform suitable for e-commerce marketplaces
CS Cart is a powerful open source platform suitable for e-commerce marketplaces


CS Cart released 2 versions CS Cart and Multi-vendor, CS Cart version gives users the convenience of a simple online sales website. Meanwhile, multi-vendor provides the full functionality of a virtual shopping marketplace where vendors can post products through a common website. This solution allows customers to order all products from many different suppliers in one order, and that order will automatically be divided into many small orders about suppliers.

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Applications and examples

CS Cart is a partner of a series of large e-commerce sites such as Amazon,, Uber, Taskrabbit, etc. In Vietnam, there are many e-commerce services that have used CS Cart tools to develop. such as Haravan, fashion e-commerce platform Style Insider, .

One of the main features on these e-commerce exchanges is the appearance of many products of different suppliers on the same website, suppliers can completely create an online store by themselves. yourself without knowing about the technique. Especially, each of these online stores has all the features of a specialized website such as managing products, categories, company profiles, shipments, taxes, sales through the CS-Cart interface itself.

Magento vs CS Cart: Introduction to Magento


Magento Open-Source is the largest popular e-commerce platform today with a series of big customers such as HP, Sigma, Bauhaus, etc. It is a powerful and flexible tool with a lot of preeminent features. and complete for the operation of an e-commerce website. With Magento, users can fully customize the content and repository in the management section. Besides, Magento has an unlimited number of extensions from the Magento community that make this platform popular and chosen by many large businesses.

Magento is the largest e-commerce development application platform today
Magento is the largest e-commerce development application platform today


Magento released 2 versions including Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) and Magento Community Edition (CE). In which Magento CE is the free version that includes the relatively complete functions of an e-commerce website. This is somewhat superior to CS Cart when all versions of CS Cart are paid. For Magento EE is the paid version, users will experience a series of more advanced features such as database expansion, loyalty features, SEO, .. Besides Magento EE allows Users create and manage multiple custom stores with multimedia features and images.

Applications and examples

Magento is the most powerful application in developing e-commerce web apps with a series of big brands in the world such as Nike, Coca Cola, Heineken.. In Vietnam, there are also a series of big brands trusting. and use Magento for my website like Tiki, CGV Vietnam, Dien May HC, ..

The most noticeable thing about websites using Magento is that the user experience is extremely high including: compatibility to help users use the website on all devices in a convenient and efficient way, search engines friendly engine, besides a series of functions divided into systems for each specific business such as catalog browsing, product browsing, customer service, customer account, self-viewing process, ordering, Purchasing is designed efficiently and optimally to help customers easily access products and manage their orders.

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Why should you choose Magento to develop an e-commerce website?

Magento is an extremely trusted e-commerce platform used by more than 240,000 merchants worldwide, suitable for all types of small and medium businesses. Along with that, Magento can meet a variety of forms of B2B, B2C, etc. Here are the reasons why you should choose Magento as a solution for problems related to e-commerce:

Ability of extension

Magento allows the building of extensions to enhance the shopping experience, you are completely free to extend the features in Magento to suit your business purposes.

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Mobile experience

Magento uses HTML5 platform to increase user experience on mobile platforms. Websites built on Magento have the ability to customize the size of photos and videos and include drag and drop.

Easy to integrate

Magento allows the integration of a large number of third-party services such as electronic payment gateways, database applications. In particular, Magento also has built-in features of Google Base, Google Analytics, Google Checkout, ..

Ability to multitask

Magento allows to create many online stores and only need to manage on a single admin

The ability to effectively support SEO

Magento creates a lot of SEO friendly features including URL Rewrite, Search URL, Layer positioning, Sitemaps, .. extremely superior to CS Cart when this platform does not support too much Social and SEO.

The ability to effectively support SEO

With preeminent features, Magento has knocked out other technology platforms to become the most popular e-commerce platform today.

SmartOSC – Magento Agency One-stop Solution

To serve the e-commerce needs of businesses, SmartOSC offers a One-Stop Solution with the goal of building e-commerce systems for business purposes. series of businesses.

Being the official Business Solution Partner of SmartOSC in the Asia Pacific region. Magenest is proud to bring software solutions that bring success to a series of big brands such as Trung Nguyen Legend, BiboMart, Heineken, ..

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