Magento 2 VS WooCommerce: Which is the best E-Commerce platform?

Magento 2 VS WooCommerce: Which is the best E-Commerce platform?

Besides the outstanding of Magento, many businesses are still using WooCommerce software in their business activities. So Magento 2 VS WooCommerce, what’s the difference between these two platforms? Let’s find out with Magento Thailand through the following article

1. Costs

For Magento platform, there are 2 versions: free (Open Source) and paid (Commerce). The price of a Magento paid plan is expensive because it provides cloud storage with high performance and additional features as well as professional support. And the Open Source version of Magento is not cheap, although you can download the core software for free, but you still need to pay for it if you want to use more advanced features. In addition, the above factors do not include hosting fees and website administration.


As for the WooCommerce platform, it is completely free to use. However, with this platform, you need to pay an extra fee to be able to register to buy domain names, SSL certificates and hosting for WordPress. As you can see, with the ability to store information at a reasonable price, expand and rich on the topic, using WooCommerce will be much less expensive than Magento software.

2. Use

With Magento platform, when using it will require you to have in-depth programming knowledge because this is the platform that causes many difficulties and troubles that make programmers have headaches despite its features extremely powerful and useful feature.


As for WooCommerce platform, it is easier to install and use because it always comes with specific and detailed instructions. However, with WooCommerce, it will still require you to have an understanding of code, but in general, it is still easier to use than Magento software.

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3. Payment

Payment method of Magento platform comes with PayPal and Authorize, payment by cash on delivery and bank transfer along with order payment methods are set by default. Magento’s API feature will allow developers to more easily integrate payment gateways.


As for the WooCommerce platform, it offers users the ability to pay via PayPal and Stripe according to the default settings. In addition, this platform also supports all other major payment gateways through an extension and addons. Thus, for both platforms, there is support for many payment options.

4. Integrate

Magento platform brings a community of developers, agents and freelancers. In addition, there are plenty of free third-party extensions and free software preinstalled for Magento that users can easily use.


With WooCommerce, it supports more than 55,000 totally free WordPress plugins and thousands of other but paid plugins. Therefore, users can connect with WooCommerce with any third-party services such as email marketing companies, CRM software or payment gateway, …

5. Scalable

Magento is a platform designed on the basis of e-commerce, but when it comes to scaling, costs and technical challenges will certainly increase quickly.


And finding WordPress experts to support WooCommerce software will be less expensive than Magento. Because at the enterprise level or e-commerce shops, you can still operate the software easily and well at a much lower cost than Magento.

Highlight features of Magento

In addition to the basic features, Magento also has many outstanding advantages compared to other software to mention:

  • Wishlists: helps to store and share information about products and items and provide users with specific lists for each product with different customers.
  • Multi-store / Mall feature: a feature that provides users with many shops and points of sale, different warehouses, increasing choices for users.
  • Compare products: a feature that allows users to compare or compare products with each other and make the best choice.
  • CMS system for static pages: this is considered a static website and is built completely independent of the system of products, and also creates customization for many sales campaigns, marketing strategies. various businesses.
  • Bundle / Digital products & more / Grouped: helps to classify products by packages, groups, … and based on the unique properties of the products on the system.
  • Good SEO performance: helps the system to automatically optimize for search engines and has built-in SEO elements.
  • Layered / Filter navigation: this feature allows the system to build intelligent filters to search products easily and easily for users.
  • Advanced searching: helping to bring out advanced search tools and support for user navigation, bringing the most effective operation.

The special thing for the Magento platform is to allow the synchronization of all existing software data for a completely new website.

So, with the above share of me, surely you have a better understanding of Magento and WooCommerce. Hopefully, this will be useful information that businesses can apply to the operating system and bring better efficiency in business.

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