Best SEO Strategies In Magento To Rank In Google

Best SEO Strategies In Magento To Rank In Google

Best strategies of search engine optimization in Magento are the following:

  • Update Magento to the latest version of SEO
  • Simplify and minimize JavaScript and CSS codes
  • Accelerate even more the loading speed of your website
  • Avoid duplicate content with authoritative URLs
  • Refine the SEO of the HTML header in Magento

Magento is the leading platform for electronic commerce; and it is not for less, because the platform has a store of functions, its features, and extensions that make it stand out from other Open Source software.

How do you rank Google and other web search engines?

Whatever your situation is, you should pay attention to this post, in which I leave you a series of very helpful data about the Open Source Magento platform.

Advancement of Magento

This platform is like the queen bee of e-commerce platforms since it is leading the market, thanks to the fact that it offers multiple functions and strategies to scale positions in search engines.

Magento seems to be a perfect product, in terms of the armory it offers to the professionals when they use it to create a new business with an online sales system.

No matter, what is the scale of your project, Magento has everything you need to achieve a fabulous, modern, attractive, and functional business for you and your clients online.

Many people settle for adapting a specific design and customizing basic features, but I am going to say that there is much more.

I will be honest with you, optimizing the SEO of your website in Magento requires a minimum of technical knowledge and a lot of time.

Its basic functions allow any e-commerce to have everything it needs to start operating. But many people do not know that Magento multifunction and plugins have extended their perspectives, and have adapted to SEO and web optimization.

So following are the SEO strategies I am going to talk about in Magento.
So following are the SEO strategies I am going to talk about in Magento.

Update Magento according to the latest version of SEO

To start implementing SEO techniques in Magento, you need to update your online store to the latest version of this software.

Although it is normal to feel comfortable with the current version of your website in Magento, this does not help your SEO optimization if you want to be at the lead of what web search engines like Google demand and if you want to achieve a better positioning of your website in them.

Each latest version of Magento has focused on including features that aim to improve the SEO of your online store.

Update Magento according to the latest version of SEO

There are customers who at first do not understand that each latest version of software such as Magento is promising, as it means that its development team has taken some functions to a higher level, and made improvements in security which are key points for search engines today.

You will get better performance from your website and, among other things, you will be able to access new features to optimize your business.

Simplify and minimize JavaScript and CSS codes

The website in Magento uses JavaScript and CSS, which tend to take up a lot of size and weight, which slows down loading and overall speed from the website.

That is why it is highly advisable to group these files and compress them, which can we call “minimize” or “minify” in English.

To do this, you have to enable the ‘yes’ option for the following features.

  • Merge JavaScript files
  • Enable JavaScript grouping
  • Minify JavaScript files
  • Merge CSS files
  • Minify CSS files
Simplify and minimize JavaScript and CSS codes

Keep in mind that, if the options indicated above do not appear, you must activate the development mode of the web page.

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Accelerate even more the loading speed of your website

The loading speed of your website in Magento, like any other website, is a very important SEO ranking factor for Google and other search engines.

The speed with which the different pages of your website load will depend on whether or not you appear in the search results, so you must make your online store in Magento go at the speed of light.

The loading speed of your Magento store is one of the most important SEO factors for your web positioning.

Key features to increase the loading speed are the following:

  • Choose a good web hosting server
  • Update plugins and remove unnecessary plugins
  • Use a good cache plugin
  • Add expiration date for static resources
  • Optimize images, pages, and databases
  • Avoid using google maps
  • Avoid saving unnecessary copies of the entries

Avoid duplicate content with authoritative URLs

Duplicate content appears because there are variations of the same product sheet on several web addresses.

When the search engine finds them, it does not know how to treat each page separately nor can it associate them with the same web page, so discard them or mark them as ‘copies’.

Avoid duplicate content with authoritative URLs

Product search and filtering, paging, and product classification are Magento functionalities that also induce duplicate content.

Make sure your blog posts have unique content. Remove duplicate content by using an online paraphrasing tool available on the internet.

Refine the SEO of the HTML header in Magento

The header is the first thing people see about your business because it is what appears already from the web search engine like Google when they are looking for you.

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By default, when you install Magento, the default title your business will have is ‘Magento Commerce’ and this is not good for your SEO or your business image.

You can find it from the following option:

Content > Design > Configuration > Edit(Global) > HTML Header

Try to make this new header text attractive, easy to remember, and descriptive of your web business, which will make your potential customers fall in love.

Add Meta tags to categories, products, and pages

It is also very important that all the categories, products, and pages that make up your website in Magento have Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions suitable according to your SEO strategy of web positioning.

Create powerful pages on your website

Create powerful pages on your website

Magento is a simple management software with a friendly interface and easy to use platform. That is why, creating pages on it is not difficult at all, but it will be up to you not to make low quality content on these pages.

Good quality content manages to attract search engines and visitors. Create high-quality content using copywriting techniques with phrases that include high volume keywords.


Magento is terrific software for any e-commerce. However, you have to add some advanced configurations and extensions that improve the functionalities of the content management system.

Nếu bạn tuân theo các quy tắc mà tôi đã đề cập ở trên, bạn sẽ có thể cải thiện các khía cạnh của cửa hàng trực tuyến, vốn là chìa khóa để cải thiện doanh số bán hàng và cung cấp trải nghiệm tốt hơn cho người dùng của bạn.

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