Why is Magento the best eCommerce Platform in ThaiLand?

Why is Magento the best eCommerce Platform in ThaiLand?

Magento is the second most popular trading platform in the world. More than 250,000 retailers worldwide use Magento as a business platform. Magento processes over 155 billion transactions annually.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers online stores a flexible shopping cart system and controls its online store’s look, content, and functionality. Magento provides various integrated services such as WordPress, such as B. Powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and directory tools.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers online stores a flexible shopping cart system and controls the look, content, and functionality of their online store using WooCommerce product video. Magento ThaiLand offers many integrated services such as WordPress, such as Powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and directories.

9 Reasons Why Magento is the best

There are reasons why some CMS platforms are considered the best e-commerce platform and outperform others. The Magento eCommerce platform is one of the CMS platforms you can trust. You can be sure that it is one of the best online shopping platforms available. Some of the reasons for this are listed.

1. Made for eCommerce

Unlike WordPress and other similar SM platforms, Magento was created as an e-commerce platform.

Made for eCommerce

The most common eCommerce features include custom dashboards, inventory management, advanced shipping and supplier management, product packaging, integrated sales, and sales features, CMS features, newsletters, etc.

Not only are they eCommerce friendly, but they’re also more comfortable to use and use.

2. Easy Integration

 Although CMS platforms have essential functions, not all solutions are often solved in the system.

They often need other applications or plugins to make the platform more comfortable to use. The Magento eCommerce platform offers the benefits of an eCommerce platform that other developers can easily integrate into ready-made add-ons, plugins like WooCommerce product video, and other programs.

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Magento APIs can also be extended to connect to various applications, such as analytics, shipping and tracking, payment gateways, and more.

3. Modular and Customizable

Every industry that uses CMS platforms has different requirements and must use the CMS in different ways. In the sense that what works in the fashion industry doesn’t work in the furniture industry either.

Modular and Customizable

The Magento trading platform offers its users the ability to adapt to their specific industry needs. Since it is an open-source platform, which is also mainly intended for business, it has a modular and customizable structure.

This online shopping platform’s modular elements allow you to keep a robust back end while redesigning the user interface to provide a pleasant and efficient experience for users.

4. SEO friendly

 As one of the best SEO-optimized business platforms, it not only backs up all your information but also backs up your websites for display in the search engine section.

You can configure the Magento e-commerce platform to provide metadata and product and category descriptions and sitemaps for search engines, including Google, URL management, etc.

The source code contains all this information so that customers can quickly and modify it. It saves time and makes searching easier.

5. Freedom to select hosting service

The Magento platform allows you to choose the host that you want to use for your site. It means that you can look for the most economical and flexible options.

Freedom to select hosting service

It also helps smooth transition to other housing services if you are not satisfied with what you are tied to.

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Magento Go also offers migration options with the benefits of the Magento Community Edition platform.

6. Efficiency

The Magento platform allows you to choose the host you want to use on your website. It means you can look for the most economical and flexible options.

It also helps you move smoothly to other housing services if you are not happy with what you are connected to.

Magento Go also offers the benefits of the Magento Community Edition platform for migration.

7. Open Source

Magento has three versions: a free Magento Community Edition, a paid Magento Enterprise Edition, and a paid Magento Go, hosted on Magento servers. The community version is the most popular of all.

Open Source

They have their large active community that supports their community of developers and users.

After you have downloaded and installed this online shopping platform for free, you can install extensions and make numerous adjustments on the Magento Connect Marketplace. Since it is open-source, the platform is updated from time to time, making it more secure and robust against hackers.

If you have problems, you can reach out to the broader community for possible solutions. Google found the term “Magento” to be more demanding than the word “e-commerce.”

8. Mobile friendly

 Cell phones aren’t going away with the advent of cell phones either, and the decline in desktop computers is forcing more and more people to use their phones to access their websites and access things on their cell phones.

It is more important than ever that your online shopping website is fun. Magento’s e-commerce platform is based on mobile technology, so not only can their customers use websites to promote a product, but they can also give them the same experience on a smartphone.

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It allows users to simplify the selection of drag, audiovisual media, and screen controls to make them available for phones and websites with multiple plugins like WooCommerce product video.

9. Analytical and tracking

Magento e-commerce platform recently launched the Magento Business Information analytics and tracking tool. This tool is fully customizable, and it keeps growing in number for both business and technical users.

After all, Magento is not afraid of growing customers. It means that regardless of how the customer grows and how well they work, the best trading platform – Magento – works and continues to work without penalizing you for growth. Because of this, Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms for your business.

Conclusive Remarks

Typically, e-commerce websites have one site per item. It does not apply to this online store platform. Magento allows users to create separate and independent websites for products so that many websites run without different server systems.

It is the essence of Magento. It gives business owners a platform for the best customer service. Indeed, it only offers the best in features, support, add-ons, and features. Magento and e-commerce seem like a heavenly marriage.

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