What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

When cloud computing technology is gradually becoming popular today and is discussed a lot on technology forums, the name Salesforce is also mentioned more. There are many companies now using Salesforce because of its high security, great reliability and flexible cost. One of the Salesforce services used by many businesses today is Commerce Cloud. So what is Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Let’s find out the details with SmartOSC below:

What is Salesforce Commercial Cloud?

Salesforce Commercial Cloud is a cloud-based commerce platform with various unique features, useful tools and commerce portal to grow your online business. It allows you to streamline the buying process, personalize the buying experience, and create a mobile-friendly shopping experience.

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, businesses can create a seamless shopping experience wherever customers are located (buy online or buy in-store). This system integrates customer data to bring the best shopping experience to consumers.

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Salesforce Commercial Cloud Trends

Cloud Commerce meets the needs of B2C and B2B companies. It offers two commerce products – B2C commerce and B2B commerce for consumer brands and retailers.

Both B2C and B2B businesses want to provide a great e-commerce experience to their customers through e-commerce websites, so they need to use different practical tools.

B2Commerce is used to manage e-commerce websites with a large number of shoppers and enhance the customer shopping experience. In contrast, Salesforce B2B Commerce aims to satisfy the needs of B2B buyers who make large purchases and provide them with premium experiences.

Many commerce brands have taken advantage of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and achieved perfect results. To date, thousands of e-commerce websites around the world are operating using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, specifically:

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PUMA – one of the world’s leading sports brands, decided to re-architect its websites in 25 markets worldwide and improve the user experience. Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they relaunched PUMA’s mobile sites, added more convenience options, tweaked top navigation and internal search features, and more. The results noticed an improvement in loading speed (websites render and load fully 35% and 69%).

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Benefits of using Salesforce Commercial Cloud

Ability of extension

Với Commerce Cloud, bạn hoàn toàn có thể “đối phó” với những thách thức kinh doanh ngày nay, chẳng hạn như lưu lượng truy cập cao, lưu trữ dữ liệu sâu, lượng hàng hóa lớn và khối lượng giao dịch cao,… Với Commerce Cloud, bạn có thể triển khai các công nghệ mới và khả năng mở rộng tự động, đồng thời xử lý các đợt tăng đột biến lưu lượng truy cập và bất kỳ sự kiện không lường trước nào khác một cách liền mạch.

Unified Trade

You can connect your customer’s entire shopping experience through digital channels – from marketing to successful customer retention and purchase campaigns. In addition, Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you insight into each customer’s interactions with your brand and their shopping. From there, you can personalize the customer journey and make product recommendations relevant (according to surveys, up to 48% of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized). . Commerce Cloud includes all the functionality needed to create a customer-centric business model with the best shopping experiences.

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Mobile optimization

Up to 55% of total orders are added to cart from mobile devices. This means that e-commerce websites need to be optimized for mobile devices or a mobile application to attract customers and make their shopping experience easier and more comfortable. Furthermore, Google primarily checks the mobile version of your content to index and rank your site in the organic search results. Commerce Cloud focuses on cutting-edge technologies and has a mobile-first approach. Using Commerce Cloud’s handy tools, you can create a smart app to streamline your employees’ work and make your customers’ shopping experience more exceptional.

Manage multiple sites for global expansion

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows brands to easily build country-specific websites or sites for different brands. Brands may use different rates, currencies, and different content on country-specific websites.

This is seen as a good e-commerce platform choice for brands looking for more scalability, better customer experience and personalization, or looking for global expansion.

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Flexible and safe

The Salesforce cloud system is considered a flexible and secure option for eCommerce business. It can perfectly fit your business needs and help you effectively address the needs of your customers quickly and easily.

SmartOSC – Providing Salesforce Commercial Cloud in Vietnam

Founded in 2006, SmartOSC is a company that supports customers with a full package of business on e-commerce platforms. With the desire to create value for society, the company constantly strives to cultivate, develop, break through and wholeheartedly support customers.

Currently, SmartOSC is a strategic partner of  Salesforce Commerce Cloud and has implemented many successful projects for customers in Vietnam. With a team of experienced experts, SmartOSC not only provides Vietnamese customers with Vietnameseized versions of products, but also provides consulting and flexible service policies to help e-commerce businesses. Vietnamese electronics companies easily access and successfully apply products at the lowest cost.

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Above is the information to share about what Salesforce Commerce Cloud is and the benefits it brings. For more information, please contact SmartOSC’s expert team immediately.

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