Take Baby Steps with Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are gaining popularity across the country. There are many store vacancies due to the growing shift towards e-commerce. This has opened up short-term leasing opportunities for startups, boutiques, and online retailers who want to offer a personal, intimate experience to potential customers. This is a great way to get a taste of traditional retail without taking a big risk.

With a lower cost per store, pop-up shops enable retailers to reach a wider geographic area for their marketing and client growth. Pop-up shops allow landlords to reduce center vacancies and minimize the unleased square footage. However, they also have a positive impact on the overall center experience for tenants and clients. They also reduce overhead maintenance costs and the risk of vandalism.

Pop-up emporiums are popping up all over the country and offer shoppers the unique opportunity to inspect and test almost every item displayed — including electronics, toys, appliances, sporting equipment, etc. — in a variety of functional and casual interior settings. Pop-up customers may be able to select their items and receive them in a matter of seconds.

Apart from the short-term leasing options and the possibility of minimal inventory, the key benefit to this innovative retail strategy is the ability to quickly get to understand the consumer and then use the data to grow the brand.

Pop-up shops offer a variety of spaces where shoppers can really get lost or immersed in. The brand’s “retail laboratory”, which is constantly monitoring the shop’s activities, monitors how customers think and purchases. E-commerce companies can use motion detection, product sensors and verbal feedback to gain valuable IoT data. This allows them to beat the competition in record time, without having to open a brick-and-mortar shop.

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This new trend of pop-up shops allows brands to grow their businesses by satisfying the needs of customers. They can also meet the demands of those who are demanding the best of both the online and offline worlds without putting too much at risk.

source : https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/taking-baby-steps-with-pop-up-shops/

How pop-up shops can drive revenue and delight customers year-round

Although the holiday season is now over, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer drive sales and build relationships with your customers.

Online retailers continue to see an increase in e-commerce sales year-over-year, especially during Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but they are always looking for effective ways to interact directly with their customers.

A pop-up shop is one way that they can achieve success. Online-only retailers still enjoy success even though they have to try their hand at brick-and mortar. Pop-up shops are a great option for online retailers, especially during holidays when foot traffic is highest in traditional retail spaces. What about the rest? Pop-up shops are a great way to make a new year’s resolution that your brand can truly benefit from.

These are some ways that you can make your pop-up shop successful no matter the season.

Create Anticipation

It is important to establish a lead time and generate anticipation for your pop up shop. Advertise to potential and existing customers. Make sure you include reasons why they should come to your store, rather than just going online. You probably have a large contact list, so make sure you spread the word and reach them.

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You could also make it an occasion or tie it to a holiday such as Valentine’s Day. To increase the appeal of your shop, include surprise and delight elements such as hot chocolate or coffee bars.

Finally, you can drive traffic by offering pop-up-only deals. You could offer a gift, a discount or other value to the customer. There are many options. Be sure to offer something that resonates with your customers.

Make a unique email- or social-only offer

Although it is easy to think that providing an actual space for customers to shop and browse is enough, don’t let that fool you. Create a special offer via email or social media to get consumers more excited about your pop-up shop. This is a great way to link your online store and to offer an incentive to visit your little pop-up.

Pre-Orders (BOPIS) are accepted

You don’t have to close your eyes to customers who want to shop online and pick it up in-store. Customers should be able to do this if it is possible. This will save both you and the customer shipping costs. We also know that most BOPIS customers add on purchases when they pick up their items.

Free Gift Wrapping

This is a great option for traditional holiday gift-giving occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It’s a great value-add and great customer service!

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Online shopping is a popular choice for consumers. This trend will only grow. Online retailers have more options to shop and still benefit from physical spaces. Online retailers can benefit from pop-up shops. These shops can increase revenue year-round and offer a unique way for online retailers to interact with customers.

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Pop-up shops are a great gift because they can be creative and executed well. You’ll be able to not only increase revenue by providing a great customer experience, but also encourage customers to return time and again.

source https://www.mytotalretail.com/article/how-pop-up-shops-can-drive-revenue-and-delight-customers-year-round/

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