The 6 Best Meeting Room Management Solutions in Thailand

Meeting Room Management Solutions in Thailand
Organizations are adopting Meeting Room Management Solutions to simplify the scheduling and use of meeting spaces due to ongoing technological advancements. The best meeting room management solutions in Thailand will be discussed in this post, but first, let’s set the standards by which these solutions will be judged.

Criteria to Consider When Selecting Meeting Room Management Solutions in Thailand

Selecting the right meeting room management solution is a pivotal decision for any organization, and it necessitates careful consideration of various factors. To make an informed choice, it’s essential to take the following criteria into account: 1. Ease of Use: An intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures widespread adoption and efficient navigation. The software should be easy to grasp, enabling employees to check room availability, book spaces, and manage reservations without extensive training. A convoluted or intricate system can lead to frustration and reduced productivity. 2. Integration Capabilities: Integration with other programs and tools must be seamless. The regular collaboration tools that staff members utilize should seamlessly interact with meeting room management solutions. By doing this, the reservation process is streamlined and ensures that meetings are automatically synced with other crucial apps. 3. Real-Time Availability Information: It’s essential to have access to up-to-date availability information to avoid overbooking and inconvenient scheduling. Users should quickly get the most recent details on which meeting rooms are currently open. This function reduces delays and makes sure that the booking process runs well. 4. Customization and Permissions: The ability to customize Meeting Room Management Solutions should be offered, allowing for different configurations for various meeting room kinds and permissions. Administrators should be free to create unique permissions for resource requests that restrict access to particular resources or rooms. This feature makes sure that only people with permission can enter specific areas.
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5. Mobile Accessibility: In an increasingly mobile world, the meeting room management solution in Thailand must offer mobile apps or a responsive web interface. Mobile accessibility allows users to make or change reservations on their smartphones or tablets, enhancing flexibility. Acall strongly emphasizes mobile accessibility, ensuring users can manage their workspace and meeting room reservations from smartphones or tablets. This feature adds a layer of convenience, particularly in today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

The Best 6 Meeting Room Management Solutions in Thailand


Overview:  Acall is a forward-thinking solution designed to create a next-generation enterprise office environment. It connects workspaces, actions, and individuals, prioritizing safety, security, and comfort in on-site or remote workspaces. It focuses on the automation of reception and access control, providing a seamless experience for visitor management and customization of reception menus and services to align with your company’s operations. Key Features:
  • Manage Check-in for Workspaces and Seats: Acall streamlines the reservation and utilization of rooms and seats from any device or tool. It simplifies check-in and check-out processes, enabling real-time synchronization and automatic reservation cancellations to reduce resource waste.
  • Utilize Existing Operations: Acall offers integration with various applications, including chat tools, calendar tools, extension phones, and hardware like gates and electronic locks. This integration enhances workplace efficiency and adaptability.
  • Expand Workplace Options: Acall prioritizes individualized check-in management, allowing workers to share their locations and status remotely. This feature supports team collaboration, regardless of physical distance.

Teem by iOFFICE

  • Overview: Teem by iOFFICE is a versatile Meeting Room Management Solution known for its user-friendly interface and efficient room reservation capabilities. It offers real-time room availability information, making it easy for users to find and secure meeting spaces.
  • Key Features: Teem provides self-service room reservations, visitor management, and detailed analytics to monitor room usage. Its integration with popular collaboration tools ensures a seamless experience for users.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Teem offers mobile accessibility, allowing employees to book and manage meeting rooms using smartphones.
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Condeco Meeting Room Booking

  • Overview: Condeco Meeting Room Booking is a robust platform designed to streamline the booking of meeting spaces. It offers a user-friendly interface and real-time room updates, reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.
  • Key Features: The software provides customization options for different room types and permissions. It also seamlessly integrates with commonly used calendars and email platforms for a hassle-free booking process.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Condeco Meeting Room Booking offers mobile accessibility, enabling users to make online reservations.


  • Overview: Robin is a versatile Meeting Room Management Solution known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility in managing meeting spaces. It excels in simplifying the process of reserving and utilizing meeting rooms.
  • Key Features: Robin offers real-time updates on room occupancy, ensuring that users always have accurate information on room availability. This feature helps prevent scheduling conflicts and enhances the efficiency of room booking.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Robin strongly emphasizes mobile accessibility, allowing employees to book meeting rooms and manage reservations from their smartphones. This flexibility ensures that users can make reservations even when they are on the move or working remotely.


  • Overview: Skedda is a versatile booking system that simplifies reserving various spaces, from meeting rooms to sports facilities.
  • Key Features: Skedda provides a user-friendly interface that allows for easy customization to manage different types of spaces effectively. It offers real-time room updates, ensuring users have access to the latest information on room availability.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Skedda’s mobile accessibility feature empowers employees to book rooms and facilities from their mobile devices, whether within the office premises or working remotely.
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SpaceIQ Workplace Management

  • Overview: SpaceIQ Workplace Management offers a holistic approach to workspace management, covering not only meeting room management but also space planning, desk booking, and visitor management.
  • Key Features: Real-time room availability, customization, and mobile accessibility are core components of this solution. SpaceIQ Workplace Management aims to provide a comprehensive workspace management experience.
  • Additional Benefits: SpaceIQ Workplace Management’s extended capabilities go beyond meeting rooms, allowing organizations to optimize their entire workspace.

Wrap Up

Meeting room management solutions in Thailand are instrumental in creating a productive and efficient workspace. In 2023, the top six contenders will offer impressive features to streamline booking, enhance resource allocation, and provide a seamless user experience. To experience the benefits of modern meeting room management, we recommend checking out Acall’s mobile app, a comprehensive solution for secure, comfortable, and efficient office management. Contact us if you need help to find the best fit for you.
1. What are the criteria for choosing a meeting room management solution that fits your company?If you are looking for a meeting room management solution, make sure it has these features:
  • Ease of use
  • Integration capabilities
  • Real-time availability
  • Customization and permission configuration
  • Mobile accessibility
2. How do you maintain a meeting room?To ensure the efficiency of meeting room usage, your company should follow these best practices:
  • Always keep the room tidy and clean after use
  • Try to start and finish meetings on time
  • Schedule meetings early
  • Minimize digital distraction during meetings
  • Encourage appropriate dress code
  • Integrate smart meeting room solutions

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