Starbucks Rewards program is the most popular method to reward customers

Starbucks is the leading coffee chain in the world known not only for its quality but also for the programs created for its customers. In this article, we provide some necessary information about the Starbucks loyalty program that your business can apply.

Overview of Starbucks loyalty program

The Starbucks loyalty program is a symbol of its identity and brand. The structure of this program consists of 2 levels with 2 icon colors: Green and Gold, each level will have separate incentives. For each standard spend, the customer will earn one star. These stars will help the customer receive incentives such as free products or free recharge along with personalized rewards complementary. This program is constantly being updated, most recently the Starbucks Rewards app allows users to use it as an in-store digital card. In addition to tracking their points, users can access the menu and order before they even arrive at the cafe.

This loyalty program has brought many advantages to Starbucks. The calculation of accumulated points and the announcement of available rewards will help Starbucks to increase customer interaction and encourage them to repeat purchases. This also helps Starbucks build longer-term relationships with members and as of 2019, up to 16 million active loyalty program members with the brand. Since then, the Starbucks brand has expanded in size and is favored by the vast majority of coffee lovers.

How Starbucks became #1 in customer loyalty with its rewards program

Points can be earned at non-Starbucks locations and mobile integrations

Customers can earn and accumulate points based on purchases of products at Starbucks stores, but in addition, Starbucks also links with other grocery stores to sell its packaged coffee products. Therefore, when members buy Starbucks products at other stores, they also accumulate points. This incentivizes the coffee house’s customers to shop in more channels and benefits their affiliated retailers.

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Starbucks also has integration with mobile apps, Starbucks also enhances engagement by creating free games and music in its mobile app. Customers playing games in the app can also earn stars and redeem rewards.

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The Starbucks loyalty program has created personalization for its customers by using their data and offering tailored privileges and offers. The coffee chain says many of its purchases are due to personalized promotions. This program provides customers with comfort and relevance so it is always attractive to use and attracts repeat customers.

Member specials

Starbucks also always creates special events for loyalty program members. Besides, the coffee chain can also send gift cards to friends and other members of the program through the app. Through the events they create, Starbucks loyalists know in advance about new product releases and seasonal products.

ConnectPOS is a special tool that supports coffee chains like Starbucks to manage loyalty programs. ConnectPOS is a great tool to help coffee chains record and store information, orders and other programs in the loyalty program. This software also supports the use of loyalty program settings from your backend with available extensions from reliable providers.



This Starbucks loyalty program is always improved to match social trends and consumer needs. Contact us to get support for your business’s loyalty program. Source:

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