How to measure product performance on BigCommerce in ThaiLand

How to measure product performance on BigCommerce

How is your current product performance?

If you are a BigCommerce store owner, you are probably satisfied with your very good sales results.

While in contrast, what would you do with some products that still stay in the warehouse for a long time? Do you have a way to improve it?

Knowing product performance will help you get a better insight into how profitable the products you’re selling are. From there, you can modify the specific plan for each product.

Today, let’s find out the details of How to measure product performance on BigCommerce with SmartOSC through the article below!

How to measure your product performance on BigCommerce

Look at your product views

Stores with a high number of views are often very prominent about something that makes customers want to click to view. One of the reasons why your product category attracts customers to see your store are:

  • Your store appears at the top of the search
  • Offer good price products
  • High reputation: Via best seller’s products then customers will visit your store
  • Your store has hot products

One thing that has a strong relationship with your sales performance is the conversion rate. Consider the number of views of your store with the quantity sold. On the BigCommerce administration site > Analytics tab > Overview to view store visits figure

View cart abandonment rate

If the metric is high, customers are hesitant to buy your product.

On the BigCommerce administration site > Analytics tab > Abandoned carts

Then you can view Abandoned carts to view your cart abandonment figure and specific products.

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One of those reasons could be:

  •  Products are too expensive
  • High shipping cost
  • Put temporarily in the basket to wait for the sale
  • Low purchase intent

To avoid this situation, at least send an email to your customers to remind them!

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Notice total quantity sold

If your certain product performance has an unexpectedly large number, it can be many times more than your usual products. One thing is for sure from the case, there are notable ones that make customers just see it and had to take out the money to buy. It can be the best value for money, a hot trend, or a product on sale…

While with products that sell with very little amount or zero, you also need to make strategies so that your business avoids increasing losses and weighing on your product management work. To see it, On the BigCommerce administration site > Analytics tab > Merchandising

Looking at the sales results, you can:

  • Import similar products that have the same characteristics as best-sellers
  • Sometimes offer discounts on regular products to boost sales
  • Offering promotional gifts for high-value products
  • Determine with best-seller products with lower sold quantity ones
  • Sell products in a bundle with a slightly cheaper price per one
  • Push the best-seller product performance on top of your store
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Use automation to export data

This automation software integrated into the BigCommerce platform will help you detect and plan for the above cases clearly and quickly. Considering the scenario: your business has hundreds, if not thousands, of goods, and the low inventory status in your warehouse makes it difficult to view them all.

With the BigCommerce automation app, it has become extremely easy to identify all the best sellers and the products that bring you little revenue. Discovering products with the above attributes will help you build the foundation to make the most appropriate strategies for each product. With automation software, for example, Atom8 – will report product performance on your store effortlessly.

Atom8 has a great feature: it can automatically link to a Google Spreadsheet and generate a list of sales figures for you. As a result, you’ll have a greater understanding of any item’s sales volume. As a result, you may rely on the information supplied to develop better tactics and gain greater benefits. Let’s see the workflow of it:

Measuring product performance is a key

Technology has helped people detect flaws in their sales. If you are looking for a solution to increase productivity, profit and reduce working time for your BigCommerce store, this solution is one of the brilliant ways.

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